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Beyond The Market 

This event is an all hands on deck community effort, with many main street businesses supporting PHM from behind the scenes and selling goods right out in front. Beyond the market is a space to read some of the stories and engage with DC Squared outside of just this one day!

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Our most “loyalest” (and newest) subscribers get a discount on tickets to visit the full SPECTACULAR FACTORY: The Holiday Multiverse installation with discount code "RIA6" or following the link below. And with every ticket purchase you are also supporting DC Squared, as a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to us so we can continue to do great work in the community. It's the gift that keeps on giving!


This year's holiday market will have an ARTECHOUSE XR drink at the holiday bar, and in true community building spirit the bar will be run by Rhode Island Avenue Main Street's own Metrobar. Shameless plug - Metrobar was recently named best outdoor bar in DC, in the City Paper's Best of Guide. Visitors will be able to enjoy specialty holiday-themed cocktails (and mocktails) augmented by enchanting XR experiences via the ARTECHOUSE XR app by scanning designated souvenir coasters!

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