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Beyond The Market! 

This event is an all hands on deck community effort, with many main street businesses supporting PHM from behind the scenes and selling goods right out in front. Beyond the market is a space to read some of the stories and engage with DC Squared outside of just market day!

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The PHM Santa's Mailbox travels to ARTECHOUSE!

Still in the mood to spread some holiday cheer? Well, here's an idea: head to Artechouse, using our special code below to continue sharing cheer with those far and near.


You can make someone's day by personalizing a card with well-wishes or your experience at Spectacular Factory. Drop it in Santa's mailbox as seen at the Procrastinator's Holiday Market by DC Squared, and ARTECHOUSE will take care of the rest by hand-delivering it to a lucky community member.


And if you're feeling extra generous this holiday season, you can also do your year-end tax-deductible donations right here. All proceeds go to the programs that support the Northeast DC business communities and the events that fuel our neighborhoods. Let's make this holiday season a little brighter!





Thank you for visiting our holiday pop-up bar, with ARTECHOUSE XR activated coasters of Spectacular Factory. And a bonus at the 2023 market, we had an XR Activated Gallery featuring original artwork from Beyond the Light in collaboration with NASA. 

Wait there’s more - Guests that use Promo Code “Market20” when reserving tickets at ARTECHOUSE will save 20% off Beyond the Light or the limited run of Spectacular Factory. A portion of all sales using that code will go back to DC Squared to continue supporting the community. Stay tuned for more partnerships next year!


PHM Over The Years

History of the Market and DC Squared

The Procrastinator’s Holiday Market Is DC Squared’s floating market that pops up during the month of December in Northeast to create a space for vendors to meet the public with curated goods that are available all year. PHM isn't only the gift of exposure to new small businesses, but also exposure to different locations in Northeast! This is our chance to spread awareness to all the wonders of our piece of Ward 5. We are happy to say that most locations where we have popped up have gone on to have their own markets with the foundation we have laid. We are so happy to see the community show up to support all of our amazing businesses at this special time of year. 

Beyond the market, we want the community to remember to make each of these goods and goodies staples in your home all year long by shopping our vendors after the market. We also promote going back to all the locations of PHM's past. 

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